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Light wiki

Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions.


What is light?

Light is energy, in the form of electromagnetic radiation, which is emitted, for example, by the sun or by an artificial light source (e.g. LED).

The light visible to the human eye encompasses wavelengths of approx. 450 - 750 nanometers.

What is the difference between an illuminant and a lamp?

Luminaires are often incorrectly referred to colloquially as lamps.

Correctly, however, lamps are the illuminant used (e.g. light bulb). The entire device, consisting of a socket, electrical components or lampshade, for example, is known as a lamp.

What does the unit lux mean in light?

Lux (lx) is the unit of measurement for illuminance and describes the amount of luminous flux that is actually on a certain surface, e.g. Dining table, arrives.

In public buildings, the illuminance per area is standardized. For example, the surface of an office workstation must be min. 500lx. There is no norm in the private sector, here your own feeling is crucial. The illuminance can be measured with the lux meter.

What does Kelvin mean in light?

Kelvin (K), or color temperature, is the unit of the light color of a light source. The lower the color temperature, the more reddish, the higher the color temperature, the more bluish the light.

The light color has a strong influence on the feeling in the room. A value of 2700K is recommended for a cozy atmosphere. 4000K are particularly suitable for work areas. 3000K is the universal light color.


TIP: Always use the same light color for all lights in the same room to create a coherent overall impression.

What are lumens?

Lumen (lm) is the unit of measurement for luminous flux and is colloquially referred to as light output.

It indicates how much light is emitted by a lamp. Based on the lumen value, you can estimate how bright a lamp is. The higher the lumen value, the brighter the lamp.

What is the CRI in light?

The Color Rendering Index (Ra) describes the color rendering of a light source. Sunlight with a maximum value of 100 is used as a reference. The lower the CRI value, the poorer the color rendering.


Daylight (CRI 100)
Incandescent lamps (CRI 99)
LED lights (CRI 97-75)
Fluorescent tubes (CRI 97-52)

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